The bilingual project in Colegio Cedes proposes immersion in English and so allowing our students to achieve a well-rounded knowledge of linguistic concepts through interactions with their environment in addition to developing the capacity to communicate effectively.

Bilingualism in Colegio Cedes is based on social interaction and the immersion in English in all aspects of the school environment, creating the necessity to use the language and allowing them to absorb it intuitively.

50% of the students’ timetable is in English, and our emphasis on an active, unified methodology ensures and enhances the continuity between classes, which favours the development of linguistic skills.

One of the keys of our bilingual model is separation of languages, which is carried out through teachers and subjects. This means that English teachers, the majority of whom are native, only ever speak English, whether that be in the playground, corridor, or even outside school, which results in students who learn to address these teachers in this language only.

cedes bilingual school