The Department of Pedagogical Innovation (DIP) strives to impulse the process of methodological innovation, adapting our school to 21st century society and the on-going changes that are required of our students.

Taking Howard Gardner´s Theory of Multiple Intelligences as a starting point and common thread, our resources and didactic methodology are adapted to the wide variety of profiles, levels and capabilities of our students, with the objective of enhancing each of their personal developments including: knowledge of knowing, knowledge of doing, knowledge of being and knowledge of coexisting.

Students should be the protagonists of the of their own learning process, fostering in them:

  • Cooperative and participative learning
  • Meaningful and active project based learning which allows them to apply new knowledge to real life.
  • Focus on competencies.
  • Interiorisation of visible thinking strategies.
  • Use of digital resources.
  • Emotional and social education.
  • Attention to diversity of abilities and cognitive styles.
  • Formative evaluation.
chica tablet


Colegio Cedes is invested in training in use of technology as tools of work and learning. New methodologies, along with new ways of communicating require the use of new technology as a natural part of the learning process.

This training is given as part of the curriculum offered (Computer Studies, Robotics etc.), and they are also used in the rest of the subjects as didactic support (digital books, IWBs, computer rooms), as well as the necessary infrastructure network for the BYOD (bring your own device) format which is currently in place in Secondary and Baccalaureate.