Colegio CEDES is a private centre which imparts the official curriculum in a bilingual Spanish-English model. We have all educational levels from one year old to University. We endeavour to maximise the individualisation of the teaching-learning process of each student, providing a solid foundation in values.

The characteristics of our education are:

Bilingual teaching in English from one year old.

Incorporated into the school curriculum from three years old, musical theory, piano and violin are taught.

Early stimulation and learning:
Favours a complete neurological organization capable of preventing possible difficulties in future learning. Encyclopedic bits of intelligence and reading flashcards etc.

CEDES Style:
An individualised education which responds to the diversity of its students through our style of work based on motivation, implication of students, guidance, information and assessment for families, vocational staff in continuous training and close, friendly attention.

Academic Results:
Cambridge exams, access to the Music Conservatory, University access test, allowing each student to reach the goals they set themselves.